Still Waiting

When you are steeped in the world of organ transplant donation like we’ve become, you think of little else. A seemingly innocent comment might get us started on a passionate plea to sign up to be an organ donor. A heart-shaped potato chip might have us scrambling to take a picture and post on the Jim’s Hearts Facebook page. It has changed the way we think, the way we spend our free time, our lives.

But this shift in our lives is absolutely nothing compared to Jim’s new reality. Jim remains on the waiting list for a new heart. He doesn’t have much of a choice but to think about whether or not people will sign up to be an organ donor. Yes, Jim and his family have hope and a generally positive outlook — but oh, it’s hard.

Are you inspired by Jim’s story? Sign up to be a donor and talk to your family. Share the message. Today. Jim is still waiting.


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