Can You Manage It?

Yesterday, Marah shared a happy family picture from Father’s Day. She captioned it “he made it to the patio to enjoy ice cream…”. Our first thought was “awww – that’s a great picture, and everyone looks so happy”. But then, the caption made us pause. Did it make you stop and think too? Jim managed to make it out for a simple ice cream with his wife and children — a big deal. It put things into perspective for us once again.

While waiting for a new heart, Jim is managing to make it through each day. It’s difficult, but he’s doing it. Do you think you could manage to take two minutes to sign up to be a donor? We promise — it’s not difficult, and Jim and the over 1500 people waiting for an organ transplant in Ontario alone need you to do it. Can you manage it? We know you can. When you do, drop us a note to let us know!

Be inspired by Jim’s story. Be a donor and talk to your family about it. Not from Ontario?  Click here.



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