Life has a way of kicking you in the pants

You know how life tends to just carry on? How you trundle through your daily tasks, think vaguely about what you’ll do on the weekend and consider the future through a hazy lens? That’s the norm. But sometimes, life has a way of making you sit up and take notice.

This past week we attended the funeral of someone we loved very much. It was for a wonderful man, with a life well-lived, but no less heart-breaking for those of us he left behind. Suddenly, you are pondering life in a different way. Life is short, it’s not a solo sport and it truly is a gift.

It reminded us afresh of why we continue to challenge Ontario and Canada to become organ donors. The gift of life is so incredibly precious, and so easy to share. Please – register to be an organ donor today. Don’t wait for life to kick you in the pants.

Jim, and thousands more need you today. Be a donor.

Jim Pool2

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