Wait Instead of Celebrate

The ups and downs of the organ donation waiting list are extreme. Jim, Marah and their family have been on this cruel roller-coaster for over two years now.

Jim endured and persevered through a medical intervention of a mechanical assist device designed to keep his heart going just weeks ago. The success of this procedure buoyed hope and allayed some fear. Such is the reality of Jim’s illness though, complications have arisen and Jim ended up in the hospital again.

Waiting for a life-saving heart transplant is hard enough. The urgency that has been re-introduced makes it exponentially more difficult for Jim, for Marah, for their children, family and friends. How do you deal with the wait now?

Because only 25% of us are registered organ donors, Jim waits. Please – do something about it today. Sign up to be an organ donor. Turn the wait to celebrate.

#jimshearts #webelieve

OHI Jan2015

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