No Man Left Behind

Is it a stretch to consider the desperate need to change our perception toward organ donation to be a battle? For Canada to be our battlefield? We would hazard a guess that those 1500 people waiting for a life-saving organ donation would consider this to be quite a fitting label. Every day, they battle to stay alive and well enough to receive the gift of life from a hero – from an organ donor. Only 25% of Canadians are signed up to be that hero.

Jim has entered into a new kind of battle. It’s a battle of recovery. It is a day by day, situation to situation, and regaining of strength and health after a heart transplant kind of battle. It’s the next stage to which everyone who has ever been on “the list” hope to achieve.

Jim’s hero plucked him from that horribly long waiting list, when hope was starting to wane. No one should have to wait that long for life. The worst part? It’s not necessary. If we were all prepared to be a hero, and signed up to be an organ donor, the list would not be the battlefield that it is right now.

The gift of life has offered Jim and his family the hope they so desperately needed. Now we need to ensure that the 1500 still on the list are not left behind.

Change the way you think about organ donation. Be a donor. Sign up today.


June 2015

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