64000 – Where’s the Magic?

Back in the day, there was a game show called the “64,000 Question”. Somehow the number became stuck in our popular vernacular – people say “well isn’t that the 64,000 question” making it seem like a wonderful thing if we could answer it. All that said, the number 64,000 retained a little bit of magic and expectation.

You can imagine our disappointment when we didn’t see fireworks, streamers and flashes of light (not even a little parade!) when our little blog reached and surpassed 64,000 views. There wasn’t a sudden influx of people signing up to be organ donors, and truthfully, Ontario and Canada in general remain pretty awful in terms our citizens who can and should be registered.

The magic of organ donation is in all of us. One person signing up to be an organ donor could one day save 8 lives – lives of people waiting and waiting for their miracle. What is more magical than that?

Bring back the magic. Sign up to be an organ donor. Today.

#jimshearts #beadonor


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2 Responses to 64000 – Where’s the Magic?

  1. David & Lyn says:

    BUT, there are 64,000 have been made AWARE, 64,000 are thinking about organ donation, maybe they are talking about it – that, is SUCCESS as I see it. Change happens slowly. But, know that a difference is being made!! ♥


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