Every time

Every time we lose a friend to circumstances or disease we cannot overcome or control (we’re looking at you cancer), we pause. We pause because we are losing friends, fathers, mothers and children to something we absolutely have control over – death that can be prevented. People we all care about are dying because they are languishing on the organ donation waiting list. This is just so wrong and makes us sad, and yes, mad.

It is beyond our comprehension why this is an ongoing issue. When we die, we will give our organs to someone who can use them…..to live. Why doesn’t everyone have this plan?

You can make a difference for THOUSANDS of Canadians waiting for an organ donation. Right now, we’re trying to come to grips with what we cannot control. Organ donation doesn’t fall into this category. Sign up.

#jimshearts #beadonor

jim marah 2016

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