Next Chapter

We’ve been a little quiet for a while, with the news of the day continuing to revolve around COVID-19 and the impact to everyone’s health and well-being. Like many of us, Marah and Jim were impacted personally by the international pandemic. Marah in particular was faced with early retirement from her long-time job with a Canadian airline and had to unexpectedly imagine where to go next. And where she landed couldn’t be more perfect.

Marah has started a job with Canadian Blood Services as a Donor Services Representative. She is the person who greets blood donors and answers their questions (and also does the COVID-19 assessments). Marah says “it’s my chance to greet people in a welcoming way and make sure when they leave that I have a chance to personally thank them for the gift they have given”. Marah’s co-workers have decided that she knows everyone in the city because not a shift has gone by where she doesn’t know at least one donor. And while that is impressive, Marah has decided to go even further on this new path by heading back to school to train as a Medical Laboratory Technician – with her end goal working as a phlebotomist for CBS.

Marah is inspired by the donor family who gave the ultimate gift of life to Jim five years ago. We are inspired by Marah and Jim who continue to “pay it forward” every day. We hope you are inspired too and register your intent to be an organ donor and to also give blood!

Well done Marah. We couldn’t have imagined anything more fitting for your next chapter. xo


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