Desperately in Need of Hope – Spread the Word

A message from Marah:

There comes a point in the waiting where a plea to help save a life feels like a transition to begging to save a life. In trying to continually spread the word of organ donation is there an “enough already” situation where people now tune the message out? Also, organ donation is an uncomfortable subject; when people find out Jim is waiting for a heart it’s usually very awkward. It’s one extreme to another: either they pipe up “I’ve signed my donor card ” or remain silent. It’s the silence worries. We must make organ donation a topic that can be discussed without fear or judgement.

My passion for this subject is Jim; my motivation is saving his life. Organ donation saves lives. Jim and so many others need saving.

For myself and those who have a loved one waiting for a donor, that you’ve taken a moment to read these words offers hope, something of which we are desperately in need. Please share this — it could mean the difference.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Offer hope for Jim and Marah. Be inspired by his story. Be a donor.

kissing jim


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