Ripple Effect of the Waiting List

While Jim waits for his new heart, he’s not alone. Of course Marah and their children wait with him, and hope, and step up to do the things he can’t. Stepping up in the most unbelievable way are Marah’s parents, Dave and Lynn. At a time when a well-deserved retirement should be happy and carefree, Dave and Lynn find themselves in the role of primary caregivers once again. They live in the same home now with Jim, Marah and family, Lynn staying with Jim most days. As a retired nurse, Lynn is well-placed to offer support and care. Any event for Marah and Jim’s kids will find Dave behind the wheel – driving to and from, and staying to cheer them on. Marah will tell you they couldn’t do this without their support, and consider themselves lucky.

When you are on the waiting list for an organ transplant, lives are turned upside down. Not just your life – but those around you who love and support you.

Be inspired by Jim’s story. Be a donor. Talk to your family. For Dave and Lynn and all the incredible people supporting someone on the waiting list: share.

lynn and dave

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