Momentum – Keep it Going!

Lately we’ve had a bit of success in spreading the word about how critical it is to be a registered organ donor. We’ve reached almost 37,000 people so far through this blog alone. Hundreds of thousands have “viewed” posts in Facebook and Twitter. Thousands have clicked through to Can we keep this going? Something Marah questioned has resonated with us – about whether or not people stop hearing the message after a while. This message isn’t noise in the background – it’s a huge issue. There is no reason that our donor registration numbers should be so low, other than the fact that people just don’t know.

This means that you can make a difference. You can keep this going. You sharing this message may be just what it takes. The message is simple: Be A Donor and Talk to Your Family.

Jim desperately needs a new heart. So many others are on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Be inspired to keep up the momentum. Keep sharing.

register here



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