Inspiring Beyond our Borders

When we started our campaign to get people to sign up to be a donor, and talk to their families, we focussed on Ontario, Canada, because that’s where Jim lives and that’s where he waits for a new heart. It quickly became clear though that this is not just an Ontario issue. All provinces across Canada are looking for solutions. We’ve also heard from many states across America; Australia; Ireland; the UK and more. They all struggle with this same issue. We know have to start small…..but a little part of us wants to dream big. Like bringing together everyone with the same issue and solving it together. It’s easy to get carried away with grandiose ideas, and that’s great – we’re going all in and want everyone who is committed to organ donation to lend a hand. (Get in touch with us any time!)  Today though, the solution we have at hand is small, and it needs you. Sign up to be a donor. Tell your family. Share the message.

Jim is still waiting. Be inspired. waiting

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