Organ Donation Myth #4

Along the way, we’ve talked to a lot of people about registering to be an organ donor. One really surprising response we’ve received is this: “I want the doctor to do everything they can to save my life – if I’m a registered organ donor, they won’t“. First of all, no – that’s just not true. And second of all, wow.

The truth is, if you are in a situation where you are sick or injured, the first priority is you and to save your life. Only when all lifesaving efforts have failed is the potential for organ donation even considered. And this is by a completely separate health care team specifically responsible for transplantation.

We hope this hasn’t been keeping you from signing up, but now that it’s been cleared up – go ahead and sign up to be a donor. Don’t forget to talk to your family.

Be inspired by Jim’s story. 1donor8lives


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