Oh Canada

We’ve talked about this before, but with Canada Day coming up, we can’t help going back to it: why aren’t Canadians signing up to be organ donors? Frankly, it just seems un-Canadian. Aren’t we supposed to be a caring, thoughtful Nation? As Canadians, we’d give the shirt off our back for someone in need. This is far easier!!!

There are more than 4,500 people waiting for an organ donation in Canada. Over 1,500 in Ontario alone. Every year, far too many people die – needlessly – waiting for an organ transplant. Seriously Canada?

While you are thinking about celebrating Canada this weekend and on July 1, think about what it means to be Canadian and sign up to be an organ donor: in Ontario, and everywhere else in Canada. Take the 2 minutes to save a life – that’s the Canada we know and love.

Be inspired by Jim’s story. Be a donor – be Canadian. Happy Canada Day!


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