Provocative Messaging for Organ Donation

We are on the fence about some of the “in your face” messaging around organ donation. Some of the experts say that this kind of message is meant for the younger demographic. You’ve seen them: messages like “dont’ take your organs to heaven — heaven knows we need them here” etc. You can’t deny that they are truthful, but in our experience, young people are very much on board with organ donation. It doesn’t seem to take much for them to grasp the need to sign up and be a donor.

So, these messages don’t seem to be doing the trick anyway – whether you like them or not. Only 25% of Canadians are signed up to be a donor. Our take on this situation is that the message just isn’t reaching people. Will you help us reach as many people as possible with a simple message?

Be a donor. Talk to your family about it. Be inspired by someone like Jim.



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