The Young and the Rest of Us

If you are reading this and you are 25 and under, you’ve likely already made your decision on organ donation. It’s likely that you’ve decided that you will be an organ donor. You will also likely stop for the 2 minutes and actually register to be an organ donor. You may be puzzled as to why everyone hasn’t done this.

What’s the fundamental difference between the young and the rest of us? The action part. Young people are showing their support by DOING. They are signing up to be organ donors.

We’ve seen so many examples of this: Jack, Liam, Cassie (Happy Birthday Cassie!) signing up upon turning 16. Brett and Ellis’s cousins and friends signing up – including Sydney who had to resort to snail mail…but still followed through. Trish and her huge group of friends are all signed up as organ donors.

Thousands of Canadians, including Jim, are on the waitlist for an organ transplant. To our youth, this is absurd. Good for them! Follow their lead and sign up in Ontario and across Canada.

Today, we’re leaving it in these youthful hands to share the message and take action. Jim — the future looks bright. Generation Y has got this.

Go ahead and show us how it’s done. Share Jim’s message as often and as far as you can. Use the #jimshearts hashtag. Let’s see how far this can go!!

3organdonors Trish and Friends

jack bday Jack

liam kelseyLiam and Kelsey

BrettJimEllisBrett, Jim and Ellis

trishanthonycassie Trish, Anthony and Cassie

sydney Sydney


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2 Responses to The Young and the Rest of Us

  1. Deirdre Freiheit says:

    So true – please, everyone, do you part! Do it for Jim, as well as yourselves and others – any of us could walk in Jim’s shoes one day. Jim, thoughts and prayers are always with you..


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