Thank you

We hesitated to stop to say “thank you” at this point, in fear that we’d lose some of the fantastic momentum we are enjoying. Tens of thousands of young people (and the rest of us) have seen the #beadonor message we initiated last Thursday — and it continues today (and hopefully many more days after).

But #jimshearts is inspired by a real person — one man, and that man and his family are very, very thankful for everyone who took their time to sign up to be a donor, and to share the message with others.

While the world was sharing on Facebook and Twitter, Jim was having a procedure done in the Ottawa Heart Institute. Marah waited until it was completed to share our incredible results. It was the boost he needed. Thank you.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that Jim needs a new heart. He’s the reason why we are so motivated to share the #beadonor message. So, don’t stop now! Share. Share some more. Talk to your family about your wishes. Be inspired. Be a donor (anywhere in Canada).




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1 Response to Thank you

  1. Lynn McPherson says:

    How grateful we are that so many people are becoming interested in being an organ/tissue donor.


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