Pay it Forward

“Pay it forward” is an expression that is used very often by Marah, Jim’s lovely wife. The concept is that you do a good deed for someone else in need, rather than the original person who did you a good turn.

Marah thinks about it often because of the incredible amount of support she and Jim have received over these many (many) months. There is no way to pay back individual people, but she can and will, pay it forward.

The concept can be applied in simple everyday life — like when you are in line at Tim Horton’s and the person in front of you pays for your coffee, and you in turn pay for the person behind you.

We’d like you to consider this in terms of organ donation. If you are signed up to be an organ donor, when you die your organs may provide the gift of life to more than 8 people. People you don’t know, and people who have not given you anything. The ultimate “pay it forward”. Kind of blows the coffee thing out of the water doesn’t it?

Won’t you pay it forward? Be a donor. Sign up today.

summer 2014

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