Do you Believe….

Do you believe that organ donation has nothing to do with you? Do you believe that this is someone else’s problem? Do you believe that in the event you need an organ donation that our health system will make sure you get one? Do you believe that no one dies on the waiting list for an organ donation? Do you believe that “liking” a post about organ donation is all the contribution you should make? Do you believe that 25% of Canadians is plenty for the organ donation registry? Do you believe that it will rain gumdrops and candy canes?

Quite seriously, organ donation is ALL about you. It is your problem, and yours to solve. There simply are not enough of us signed up to be organ donors. If you are signed up – great – but make sure everyone you know is too! Right now, Jim is waiting for a heart transplant; right now 4500 additional Canadians are waiting for an organ transplant too. The devastating truth is that people do die waiting on this list. In 2012, 256 people died waiting for an organ donation. There are no gumdrops and candy canes here.

Do you believe you can make a difference? Yes. You absolutely can. Sign up today to be an organ donor. Talk to your family about it so that they know your wishes.

We believe in you.


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1 Response to Do you Believe….

  1. Deirdre Freiheit says:

    Still saying lots of prayers and thinking if you, Jim, Marah, Ellis and Brett.

    The Freiheits


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