The Flipside of Hope is Despair

Jim and Marah are among the most hopeful and positive people you’ll ever meet. Faced with Jim’s devastating illness and the endless wait for a new heart, they’ve been amazingly stoic and optimistic. Jim’s doctors can’t understand how he is able to function as he has been these past months. According to his “numbers” he shouldn’t be mobile at all. Family and friends consider Jim to be a Superman. But even Superman has his limits.

This is a message from Marah about their reality today:

Jimmy’s mask of hope and smiles has slipped a bit. It’s just too hard to keep up the pretense that he’s just fine, isn’t hurting, and isn’t scared. I think this is most devastating of all for him – that he can’t hide this reality from his kids. It’s just too much.

A few days ago he mentioned that we should have a family picture soon. Words that seem so harmless have taken on a new meaning. Jimmy is just so ill; we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

The reality is that Jim’s meds aren’t working the same way they once were. Now adjusted daily, they used to work for months on end. He’s been admitted to hospital again because his heart is unable to clear the fluids in his body – affecting his other organs. Is an artificial heart imminent? We don’t know. You can see how hope turns to despair.

We are waiting for the miracle of a heart transplant – and have been for almost 2 years. The waiting has become agonizing. Please, please, please – for Jimmy, for our children, and the thousands of others waiting – sign up to be an organ donor. Without DONORS there are no possibilities.

Can you feel the urgency? Please – share this message. Sign up to be a donor right now.
Jim, Marah, Ellis and Brett – our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Reality for Jim1

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