You can’t handle the truth

Last week we posted a message from Marah, Jim’s amazing wife. It was about the Flipside of Hope.  Marah and Jim decided that the time was right to give people a glimpse of how incredibly difficult things are for Jim – and their honesty about giving in to despair sometimes was profound.

We received a curious response to her heart-felt message.

Though the post was shared far and wide (thank you), the almost universal reply was to deny the potential for despair. We received lots of “don’t give up!” and “you have to believe” and in some messages, subtle hints that others are counting on Jim to only be positive. [We do understand that the messages were heart-felt and encouraging, and meant to give Jim a boost.]

Jim and Marah, together with their family, have absolutely not given up. They remain the most hopeful and positive people we know. Their strength is incredible — but guess what? They have their limits too. The truth is, despair will creep in, and we as their supporters need to allow them to be honest. As a face of the organ donation wait list, Jim is allowing others to see what it is really like. Maybe that makes you uncomfortable, but maybe…..just maybe, it will make you pause for that 2 minutes that we need and get you to sign up to be an organ donor.

Thank you Jim and Marah. For your strength and your honesty to tell it like it is.

Be a donor. Share this message.

Jim Reality 2

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7 Responses to You can’t handle the truth

  1. Kristy says:

    Lovely post. My heartfelt wishes go out to the entire family. I can only imagine how hard this ordeal has been and am thankful that they are clearly surrounded by people who love and care for them. The reason we all need family/friends is to help hold us up when we get tired, and we all have moments when we need the help. Much love


  2. David Presly says:

    Those of us who are or have lived waiting for a transplant (as well as their family) understand the roller coaster of emotions. We know the reality of what the future may or may not hold. Although it is often not spoken about. Uncomfortable issues seldom are. Only through stating the cold hard facts to all who will listen when it comes to organ donation, will there be changes to the dismal numbers of registered donors – and lives will be saved! BRAVO for sharing!


  3. Deirdre Freiheit says:

    Jim, Marah, Brett and Ellis, you are all an inspiration.

    Sending much love and prayers to you!

    The Freiheits


  4. Deirdre Freiheit says:

    Jim, Marah, Brett and Ellis, you are all an inspiration!

    Sending much love and prayers your way!

    Love, the Freiheits


  5. Heather See (aka Heather Hope) says:


    Keep up the fight. I’m waiting to see you again when you’re healthy again. I have faith that we will see each other again.

    Love to all,

    Heather Hope


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