A Friend in Need

Pride is a wonderful thing. It can be a source of strength and it can give you energy. It’s also something that is very hard to put aside. Jim and Marah know this too well.

The reality is that Jim has been unable to work since April 2013. He is desperately ill and awaits the miracle of a heart transplant. The financial hardship that this has created for his family has hit a point where we realize that we need to step in and step up to help. We know that Jim and Marah hoped never to get to this point — but this is exactly what friends are for.

We are not replacing our push toward organ donation awareness and registration with fundraising – far from it! But today, we are stepping up to say that we want to help this family in a very practical, very immediate way. It is just wrong on so many levels to be worried about the electricity bill, while you agonize over the wait for a new heart.

We know that a new heart is coming, and we know that Jim will be well again. Until he is, we will help. Join us in supporting Jim and his family at: www.youcaring.com/jimshearts.

Sign up to be a donor today.

jim_marah cheek

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