535 Days on the Waiting List

Ellis, Jim and Marah’s beautiful daughter, posted a simple message to the Jim’s Hearts Facebook page a few days ago. It said “532 Days on the waiting list”, together with a cheerful picture of red hearts. Not really a simple message at all. In her very few words she managed to convey hope, despair and urgency.

535 days – because a few days have passed since Ellis’s post. Can you imagine waiting that long for a life-saving event? The fact is, Jim’s not alone in this wait. He’s waiting with Ellis, Brett and Marah, his family and friends, and every day is filled with hope, despair and urgency.

What about the other 4500 people waiting? Some of their days on the waiting list are shorter, but some (unbelievably) are longer.

We can all do something about this wait. We can sign up to be a donor today – and once this message gets through, we will no longer be counting the days for anyone.

Be inspired by Jim’s story. Be a donor.


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