Right Now

There’s been a lot of talk (again) about “presumed consent” (also known as opting out – where everyone is presumed to be an organ donor, until they say no), with famous composer David Foster becoming a public advocate. We are still weighing our thoughts in this area, and promise to come to a public conclusion – but for now….we are impatient. We just want people to sign up to be a donor right now. Change like this (presumed consent) will take time. Time we don’t have and aren’t willing to wait for.

Jim is waiting for a new heart — and has been for a very long time now. Thousands more are waiting for an organ donation. Right now. Today.

Yes, we need to have a discussion about presumed consent. Yes, we will weigh in. But no way does this change what everyone needs to do. Please – register to be an organ donor if you haven’t already. Talk to your family about it, and encourage others to follow your lead.

Be inspired by Jim’s story.



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2 Responses to Right Now

  1. David Presly says:

    Always lots of buzz about presumed consent. From what I understand, If it happens, it will be ‘soft consent’ – which means the family of the deceased will have the final say. There is so, so much evidence that needs to be discussed and considered. At least talking about it, will get more people considering registering.


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