Recycle Yourself

As Canadians, we spend a lot of mental effort on some important and some not so important things. This morning, on our way to work, we heard some discussion about blue bins, black bins, green bins and garbage pick up. The issue has been taken up as a key campaign issue for some local politicians. Local news is calling it “trash politics”.

Granted, we may be a bit preoccupied with life-threatening issues, but doesn’t this seem like messed up priorities? There are thousands of Canadians waiting for a life-saving organ transplant right now. Jim has been waiting for a new heart since January 2013! We need to bring this travesty to everyone’s attention.

If we must, we’ll jump on this media bandwagon:  register to be an organ donor and recycle yourself. It’s not trash politics, but it could give up to 8 people a second chance at life. Which means more to you?

Be a donor. Be inspired by Jim’s story.

recycle 2

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