While we gather with our own families and friends this Thanksgiving to pause to give thanks, we wonder if you’d consider sharing that special feeling by helping out a neighbour?

Jim Maveety has been waiting for a heart transplant for almost 2 years. The wait is unimaginably hard, and the practical problems this introduces are great. The financial hardship that this has created for his family has hit a point where we realize that we need to step in and step up to help. We know that Jim and Marah (his beautiful wife) hoped never to get to this point — but this is exactly what friends are for. Many of you have asked what else you can do to help (besides signing up to be an organ donor). Well, this is it.

This is a neighbour, a family in need. Truly? This could happen to any family faced with catastrophic illness. Feel free to share this message on Facebook, Twitter, etc. #jimshearts

We all have things to be thankful for, and Jim and Marah Maveety are no exception. They are thankful for friends, neighbours, family and hope.

We’ve set up a donation page for Jim and his family if you’d like to help:

Please sign up to be a donor — Happy Thanksgiving!


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