Emotions Running High on the Wait-list

Over 60% of those who have received a heart transplant required this because of a bacterial or viral disease in their heart. It’s not something anyone can predict or plan for – or indeed something that can be prevented. This is what happened to Jim: he had pneumonia and the infection crossed the very fine barrier between heart and lungs, devastating his heart.

How could he know that this was his future? How could you know? The fact is: you don’t.

But here’s the worst part: Jim feels very badly about how much he has frightened Marah and the children. He feels guilty that he cannot do what he feels a father should do for his family. He’s thinking that there are people out there who think he should have planned better to care for his family and for himself.

But Jim is not responsible for what happened to him. It could happen to anyone.

Please sign up to be an organ donor. No one plans for a future on the wait-list – but if this is one day your reality, wouldn’t you want others to sign up?

Be a donor. Be inspired by Jim’s story. #jimshearts


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1 Response to Emotions Running High on the Wait-list

  1. David Presly says:

    Life on the list:
    feeling badly
    feeling guilty
    feeling anger
    feeling depressed
    feeling fear
    the list goes on and on!!!
    All these things. while coping with the financial strain.

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