It’s Very Hard

Suddenly, things seem to have gotten harder. As Jim struggles valiantly with congestive heart failure while waiting for his heart transplant, the disease is progressing. Jim is a very sick man, and really needs that new heart to come asap. The waiting, waiting, waiting seems that much harder.

It’s harder for his family to keep it together, to not let the worry creep into every moment. With Jim in hospital, even the logistics of daily life are harder. Groceries, cooking, cleaning, driving…..time.

For us, it’s harder to celebrate Ontario’s increase in organ donors, because really — why isn’t EVERYONE an organ donor? We know this is a wonderful thing, but it’s hard not to be impatient.

There are so many Canadians on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Their lives get harder every day too. Won’t you stop for a moment and sign up to be a donor? You can make the difference.

#beadonor #jimshearts


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