The Four Letter Word

The longer it lasts, the more vitriol added to the word. The more urgent the need, the more dramatic the term becomes. It’s a four letter word that offends, that we’ve come to fear:


The wait for an organ donation is interminable, and sometimes, very sadly, devastating.

Jim continues to endure the wait, along with his family – officially, it’s been almost 2 years. Recently science (and some incredibly talented cardiac surgeons) stepped in with a mechanical solution to allow Jim to wait a bit longer for the heart he so desperately needs.

Did you get that? A mechanical solution – a desperate, dangerous and absolutely necessary step to keep Jim alive. Why? Because we, as a community, province, country, are not signed up to be organ donors.

The wait needs to end, for Jim and for all those on the organ transplant list. We hope we offended a lot of people with the over-use of this four-letter word. We look forward to never needing to drop it on anyone every again.

Sign up to be an organ donor today.


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