Didn’t Think of That….

We recently had a small awakening with regard to being on the waitlist for an organ donation for an extended period. Jim, of course, has been waiting for a heart for 2 years now and this looming “anniversary” got us thinking about what that means to people like Jim and Marah.

Jim and Marah are among the wonderful people who you would classify as “givers”. They are the first ones to volunteer a ride, a meal, a helping hand. Their hospitality is unsurpassed…..except that they haven’t been able to provide this for more than 2 years. What does it do to a person to suddenly (and for a long duration) be on the receiving end of the helping hand, the meal, the support?

Don’t get us wrong, Jim and Marah couldn’t be more gracious and certainly have many more pressing challenges due to their long stay on the waitlist. It did occur to us though that this situation has many more trials that chip away at your quality of life, general happiness and energy. We didn’t think of this before, but now that we have it adds to the sense of urgency to eliminate the waitlist.

Bottom line? You need to be a donor. Register today.


recovery jim

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