Take a Number

720. That’s how many days Jim has been on the organ transplant wait list. That’s a ridiculous number that represents so many challenges, worries, hopes and disappointments.

How about 1597? That’s how many people are waiting in Ontario, right now, for an organ donation. The highest it’s been in 6 years. A devastating number that is quite frankly overwhelming to consider.

Here’s a big one: 11,800,000. That’s how many people in Ontario are eligible to be organ donors. Take away 8,700,000 of those people and that’s how many people are actually registered. A mind-blowing and unbelievably pitiful 26%.

And the most devastating number? 3. Every 3 days someone dies while waiting for an organ transplant. Needlessly.

These numbers make us absolutely crazy – but they are a good way to illustrate the insanity of the organ donation situation in Ontario and in Canada.

Do something about it today. Take a number – take 2 minutes to sign up to be a donor.

#jimshearts #beadonor #webelieve

Charlie loves Jim

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2 Responses to Take a Number

  1. David Presly says:

    All dismal and discouraging numbers that can easily be changed in less than 2 minutes by simply more people registering at http://www.beadonor.ca


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