Yesterday was Jim’s birthday. He is 48 years old, celebrating with his family and friends. It was also the 2 year mark of Jim being placed on the heart transplant list more permanently (he had to get the shingles vaccine and the hepatitis A and B vaccines first). We’re not celebrating the second milestone so much. To be honest, the waiting list anniversary kind of ruined the birthday. Waiting for this long is absolutely soul-sucking.

Since we’ve been writing this blog about Jim and his family’s journey through unimaginable territory, we’ve reached a lot of milestones and reached a lot of people. People like you from Canada, US and…Nicaragua; South Korea; United Kingdom; Ireland; Phillipines; Italy; Mongolia; Cyprus; Brazil; Russia; Kuwait and Spain – to name a few. Last week we hit 60,000 views – an incredible achievement for a blog like this. And today marks our 90th post. That Jim and Marah are brave enough and caring enough about you to share their incredibly difficult story is remarkable enough. That they are still doing it, 2 years in, is terrible.

The milestone we are looking for is the first day with a new heart. We believe that this will happen for Jim. Sooner than later please.

You can help Jim and others achieve their milestones by signing up to be a donor.

Happy Birthday Jim.

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48 bday jim

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2 Responses to Milestones

  1. Rose Watson says:

    All the Best on Your Special Day Jim!! Stay positive – your day will come. My husband is celebrating three years in May with his new heart.


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