Like this post? Big deal.

Social media is a weird and sometimes wonderful thing. Right now, it seems to be throwing up an unanticipated barrier to organ donation registration. Many of us post stuff on FaceBook and other forms of social media – this results in “likes”. Do you think that by liking a post about organ donation that your work here is done? It isn’t.

We can’t measure the number of “likes” we’ve generated in the past few years. This comes under the heading BFD. Because really – what matters is the number of new registrations we’ve generated; the number of “wow – I didn’t know about this” conversations….that lead to new registrations; the number of families who agree to abide by each other’s wishes….to support their new registrations; and the number of people no longer on the waiting list….because they’ve received the gift of life, as a direct result of a registered organ donor.

Does it make you a bad person to “like” a post on organ donation? Of course not. Just make sure you don’t equate this with action. The action must be taken – sign up to be an organ donor. We’d like that very much.


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1 Response to Like this post? Big deal.

  1. David Presly says:

    Well put! The reality that as of today in Ontario 1,597 languish on the transplant “wait list” is a disgrace! “likes” and “comments” will NOT change these numbers – only ACTION will. Lobby your city councillor, your MPP, your MP – everyone who has any type of influence you can think of! Being an advocate is good, but being an ACTIVIST is what is needed!!!


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