Poetic Advocacy for Organ Donation

We thought that we should try something a little different to try and motivate people to sign up and be a donor. #beadonor #jimshearts


There was a man and he was great.
He had a lot just on his plate.
But his heart was sick,
The fix won’t be quick
For his doctor said “you must wait”.

There was a girl and she was eight.
She could not run or jump or skate.
For her lungs were sick,
The fix won’t be quick
And her doctor said “you must wait”.

The man and girl prepared to wait.
And wait and wait and wait and wait.
His heart got sicker
Her breath came quicker
But the doctor said “you must wait”.

They found a heart and set a date.
To live again, he could not wait.
With a new ticker,
Life did not flicker.
His doctor said “doing great!”

Her lungs gave out, it was too late.
She was too ill to wait and wait.
For her lungs were sick
The fix wasn’t quick
And now she’ll be forever eight.


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