A Detour Sign at the End of the Rainbow

It’s a massive kick in the pants to wait over 2 years for the miracle of organ donation, only to suffer so many additional challenges post-transplant. That’s what’s happening to Ottawa’s Jim Maveety. Right now, Jim is back in hospital trying to overcome a multitude of complications. His strength, and his family’s strength, is of course incredible, but we can’t help but think that he’d be in a much better position to fight if his wait for a heart wasn’t so horribly long.

We’ve learned a lot of things about organ donation in the last few years. A lot of things we’re sorry to learn – mostly that our fellow Canadians are not signed up to be donors. Jim, fighting once again in the hospital is one of the lucky ones. Every 72 hours, someone in Ontario dies because there are not enough organ donors. It’s needless and devastating loss.

Please, no more detours. Sign up to be an organ donor today.

#jimshearts #beadonor


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