A Hail Mary Pass to You

Dear Mr. Owens, Mr. Ochocinco, Mr. Bush, Mr. Tebow, Mr. Rodgers, and Mr. Strahan:

With “Wildcard Weekend” upon us in the NFL, we were reminded of one of the origins of the “Hail Mary” pass. That’s kind of what this letter to you feels like. We are reaching out to you as Roger Staubach did in 1975 when he threw the game-winning pass to Drew Pearson, closed his eyes and said a Hail Mary.

Maybe this will be a game winner too – but the winner will be everyone and not just the Dallas Cowboys! Will you pick up this ball that we are passing to you and consider lending your considerable reach toward getting people to sign up to be organ donors? You may be unaware – because most people are – that more than 123,000 Americans and over 4,500 Canadians are waiting for the gift of life; for the gift of organ donation.

It’s one of those things that people don’t talk about. If you were to talk about it though, maybe people would finally listen? Right now, because people are not talking and listening, they are not signed up to be organ donors. This means that people die – every day – needlessly.

We’ve been trying to get the message out through the story of Jim Maveety and his family (jimshearts.com). Would you take a moment to read about it? Then take even less than a moment to get the message out?


In America: http://www.americantransplantfoundation.org/how-to-help/become-a-donor/

In Canada: https://blood.ca/en/organs-tissues and in Ontario: www.beadonor.ca/jims-hearts

Our pass has been made, and we’ve closed our eyes – we can only hope it’s complete. Thank you for your consideration.

#beadonor #jimshearts

sunshine marah and jim



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