Stepping Up and Sticking To It

Jim and Marah and their entire family continue to ride the roller coaster that is organ donation in Canada. Apparently it’s not enough to wait for more than two years for a life-saving heart transplant, but you have to navigate the devastating complications afterwards too. Through it all, they continue to advocate for organ donation – “paying it forward” as they would say.

Jim and Marah stepped up a long time ago to provide a face to the organ donation challenge in Canada. They did it not just to support Jim, but for the 4500+ people waiting for the gift of life, and the 1600+ that will be added to the list every year. It’s not a little thing to open up your life, at the most challenging time, for the world to see. They stepped up in a big way, and are sticking to it.

We’d like to focus for just a moment on one fact: more than 1600 people will be added to the waiting list for an organ donation this year. This could be you or someone you love. It is time for you to step up! Take the 2 minutes to sign up to be an organ donor.

#jimshearts #beadonor

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