Two Years – We’re Still In This

We’re not sure what we thought would happen when we started this blog two years ago. What did happen though, is that we’ve reached 68,000 people to spread the word about organ donation, written over 100 blog posts, met a lot of amazing people, and watched Jim and his family receive the gift of life.

What didn’t happen? We didn’t move the yardstick for organ donation registration very far. Over the last two years we’ve used words like “abysmal” and “embarrassing” – sadly, they are still true.

But do you know what else happened over the last two years? Over 500 people died while on the waiting list (that still has over 4500 Canadians on it). This is why we’ll keep at it and try to find new ways to inspire you to sign up to be a donor. If you’ve got a bright idea, please let us know.

By the way, if you are not in Ontario click here to find out how to sign up to be a donor in your province:

Be inspired by Jim’s story. #beadonor #jimsheartsjimshearts

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