Mind Blown

Ok. So we hadn’t really considered organ donation from this angle before, and now our minds are a bit blown. You know how we keep asking you to sign up to be a donor and to talk to your family about it? We had been thinking that your family could trump your wishes if they didn’t know your intention (or didn’t agree with it). And that is still true. The mind-blowing part is that this is only because of the sensitive nature of organ donation (not that this is a small thing)…..legally, you have consented to be an organ donor and this is binding.

Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely get it. When faced with the worst news of your life, no one wants to make things worse for you by pushing legal stuff on you. But this fact, that someone who has signed up to be an organ donor….has made a binding decision….can this be the basis of the change we need to see?

What if we elevated that act of signing up to be an organ donor to be the big deal it is meant to be? So this is the only decision? So when a family is faced with devastating news, the decision is simply understood?

Simple, it is not. But the possibilities this introduces are amazing. If you want to know more on this topic, check out this new article by Maeghan Toews and Timothy Caulfield. It has influenced us to reconsider how to push for change.

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