Not That Simple

A few people have shared with us France’s decision to make organ donation automatic. We’re impressed, for sure, but we also understand that this isn’t the fix to fix all problems.

It’s like our own Bill C-316, “An Act to amend the Canada Revenue Agency (organ donors)”, and give Canadians the opportunity on their annual tax return to indicate their desire to be added to their province or territory’s organ donor registry in a convenient, effective and efficient manner. (Yes, please do sign the petition). This Bill is super-awesome, but again, not the magic elixir.

Bottom line, these initiatives are fantastic in that they are moving the seemingly heavy yard stick of organ donation….but without EDUCATION, they both fall flat.

You see, without educating our population about organ donation, and the necessity to talk about your wishes with your family, things can still go awry. If your family is faced with the decision upon your death to donate your organs and they don’t know of your wishes (or at least understand the importance of organ donation and the gift of life) they can refuse to do so. Unfortunately this happens a lot.

Be the educator. Start at your kitchen table tonight – and we’ll go from there.

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