We were full of vim and vigor this summer. Yup, we were going to kick some proverbial butt and have some serious impact on the organ donation conundrum in Canada. But we didn’t. We’ll admit that we became a little discouraged at the numbers. The number of those waiting for a life-saving transplant; the number of Canadians still not signed up to be organ donors; and most devastatingly, the number of people – children, parents, friends, wives and husbands – who died waiting.

What has called us back to the table? Well, it’s not numbers. It’s people. People like sweet little Zaccari in New Brunswick waiting for a kidney. And people like Jim. Jim’s road was as rocky as you can imagine, but this summer he finally seemed to turn a corner towards health and happiness. A long, long road.

We bumped into Jim quite by chance not too long ago and we were absolutely struck by how fantastic he looks and sounds. It’s a miracle, and one worth reinvesting in.

We want more miracles. Sign up to be a donor today.

#beadonor #jimshearts

Jim Nashville

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