Boomerang Kick in the Pants

We’ve been at this advocacy thing for a while now. Sure, we’ve moved the bar by an inch or so, but if we are to be honest, we thought that we’d be a lot farther by now. We thought that Jim’s story would have provided the proverbial kick in the pants that people seem to need in order to sign up to be organ donors. Looks like more is required, which is like our kick in the pants ricocheting off of others and kicking us back. What to do?

It would be easy to say that we’ve done as much as we can in this area, but we know that there are thousands on the waiting list today. We cannot and will not turn our backs on them and their families and friends. So, we’re gearing up for another kick at what has proved to be the most challenging and illogical conundrum. We’re looking at you – if you don’t know why you should sign up to be an organ donor, we’re going to tell you. If you need more than Jim’s story to motivate you, we’re going to tell more. If you need to be reminded that it could be you on the waiting list, we’ll let you know.

Get ready.

#beadonor #jimshearts


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