Blessings on Your Silver Anniversary

Three years ago we shared a message from Marah that was filled with desperation. Jim was very, very sick and a new heart seemed almost impossible. The message, on their 22nd wedding anniversary, went on to circle the world with almost 15,000 people sharing Marah’s anguished words.

Today, Jim and Marah are celebrating their 25th. To “celebrate” seems like such a little word, considering the path they’ve been on from despair to hope to life. Since April 30, 2015, the day Jim received his miracle of life, every milestone has become so much more meaningful. Jim and Marah are gratefully aware that on April 30, 2015, another family lost someone precious to them, and shared life with another. Celebrations like today’s will always include the family who made it possible.

Many happy returns of the day Marah and Jim – Happy Silver Anniversary! And many blessings to the family who gave the ultimate gift: life.

Be inspired. Be a donor. #jimshearts

anniversary 25

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