You won’t share this – but you should

On this, Jim and Marah’s 22nd wedding anniversary, Marah has a message for you. Can you hear her plea? Her frustration? Share this. You must.

The heartbreak of using Facebook as a tool “share” the message of organ donation for those in need is to see an animal post “go viral”. Yesterday, a post on organ donation had 23 likes, and a dozen shares, while a video of a momma bear rescuing her baby hit 1,717,025 likes in less than 24hrs. 100,000 people shared the post. Trillium Gift of Life had 3,732 likes and 1,494 shares……over 5 days.

How can a plea to save my husband’s life be less important than a racoon in Michigan falling off a building? It’s heartbreaking. This isn’t to say that something that made you laugh or smile shouldn’t be passed on or shared. What I’m saying is that the power to share is in our hands. As your cursor hovers over the “like” or “share” link know that it’s not just posting, it’s the possibilities.


Please, from the bottom of my heart, Marah.

Be inspired. SHARE this message. SHARE Jim’s story. Be a donor. Happy anniversary Marah and Jim.



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39 Responses to You won’t share this – but you should

  1. Kam says:

    I think the reason people don’t share this story is that it requires a little more effort from a lazy, one-click society. It takes a move to another page to read the story, then another to share. You also need to register in order to comment. If the story began directly on Facebook instead of having it on a secondary link, the number of likes and shares would increase, and there would be no need to register in order for people to send messages of support.

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  2. Kam says:

    I should add: good luck to your husband. I hope he finds the strength and courage he needs to fight this battle. And I’m certain he will.

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    • jimshearts says:

      Great comments Kam, and we appreciate the feedback. We really needed this blog to have a standing place to send people – Facebook isn’t our only avenue. (though we appreciate the one-click sentiments!). Thanks for taking the time.

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  3. Sandi says:

    I’m sorry but I have been looking for the story for too long and haven’t found it. Please repost with super easy access to the story so I now what I am liking and sharing. I fully believe in organ donation, my husband and I have registered and told as many family members as we can. Thanks.


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  5. Reblogged this on The Eclectic Poet and commented:
    I carry an organ donor card in my wallet. Do you?
    Because I have M.E. (ME) I’m not permitted to give blood or marrow while I’m living but everything else has been treated with reasonable care and so I might as well share.


  6. alienorajt says:

    Reblogged this on ALIEN AURA'S BLOG: IT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND! and commented:
    I agree with the comment concerning shares on Facebook. Too many of them are utter utterly trivial, and it devalues the coin, as it were. Organ donation, however, is a very real problem. The national shortage here – I live in the UK – is, I suspect, true of other countries as well, and people die needlessly every day for lack of that vital organ. I do hope that Jim’s story has a happier ending than many, and am reblogging this so that others get the message. All members of my family carry a Donor Card.


  7. Debbie says:

    I am a registered donor and when our son passed we donated his organs. I hope you find a heart it helps the grieving
    family to know that the passing of their loved one helped someone else live


  8. Jo Ann Jones says:

    It has been three and a half months since my liver transplant so I truly know the importance of organ as well as blood donations ( I required 6 blood transfusions as well as numerous Platletts. We need more education around donating organs, tissue and blood and the people that can and are doing the most are those who have been involved either as donors, recipients and their circle of family & friends, as well as those who tirelessly work and volunteer for the cause. If each of us can reach out regularly we can work wonders. Pay it forward whenever you can. Wishing you all the best with the heart transplant and your future endeavours.


    • jimshearts says:

      Thank you so much for commenting Jo Ann. We agree with you for sure – and you certainly know all about this topic! All the best to you. Wishing you good health.


  9. Miriam Gomez says:

    My husband passed away 15 yrs ago from a cardiac arrest. Although we could not donate organs I was able to donate long bones, corneas valves of his heart and skin. Some thought it brave of me but as the daughter of a Father who received a Kidney transplanting knew it was not the bravest thing I could have done but the most desperate act. I know what it is like to receive that gift for someone you love and as a ER RN I also understand what takes place in order to make it happen! Much prayers for Hope for your husband and continued support for all the Families that must make that decision for life! God Bless!


  10. Grant says:

    Hope you get your new heart! I waited 3 years for my double lung transplant …. I think beyond donor awareness there are some cultures believe the body must be whole, on the other hand these same cultures will except an organ


  11. Arlene Seale says:

    May God bless you both. I am praying for you.

    I checked, and I am a donor. I hope others do too.

    Sending you love and strength.


  12. Jerry Bokman says:

    Hey Marah have been a donor since I received a license. I hope the best for Jim and you as well in what must be a most trying of times.


  13. Charmaine says:

    I went thru the same thing . My husbands kidneys failed as we moved from ontario to alberta . We were lucky to find a donor here that my husband had known years back in ontario in just a casual crossing …they became friends and gave him a kidney .. The one resource i had was an organization called good hearts out here in alberta .. they were the ones that helped us the most a very caring man who had a heart transplant himself and him and his wife knew the hardships that a family goes thru in this time of need .. Please contact him and get on a list out here for a heart they will take good care of you and your family… his name is silvio and he was a god send when i needed strength ,hope and had no family out here in a new province to help at all . God bless and i wish you all the best !!!


  14. matt says:

    I have posted your story on my heart transplant site and in less than a day we have had almost 700 hits. together we can get the word out how important it is to take that 2 mins to register on line.
    Stay strong and good luck!!


  15. Amber cole says:

    Just everyone to spread the word on organ donation I did 7 years ago I gave 80%of my liver made medical history I saved a life !!!!cant you!!!!!


  16. Erin says:

    I am pretty sure when I do my insurance/license renewal in Quebec there is a place I checked to have my wish I be a donor linked to my card/provincial file.

    Streamlining it across the country would be ideal.

    As for donating a kidney (since we all have an extra)… I am not willing. I have been in enough hospitals dealing with cancer and a car crash by a drunk before 27… I just can’t offer to be in any more pain for a bit


  17. Cheryl says:

    I hope you receive a new heart Jim, my husband had a liver transplant in 2012 we were blessed, we both have registered to be donors and several other family members have as well thank God for donors and transplant doctors and transplant teams.


  18. Andy Church says:

    Joined months ago. Hope others are joining in. Any clue on what percent of Canadians are on the list.. By age bracket?


    • jimshearts says:

      Good for you! And we hope others are joining in too – lots of traction so far, so we hope we are making a difference. Sadly, only 25% of Canadians are registered donors. Not sure about age bracket, but I’ll do some digging. Thanks for the comment!


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