A surprising response

Yesterday, Marah issued a heartfelt plea to share the message of organ donation. Literally thousands of people took her up on her request and shared. It was a wonderful thing, and continues to be today. Out of those thousands though, a few were less impressed. They felt that the message made people feel guilty. Guilty? For what? For not sharing the message? For feeling like they must share the message? Or for not being a donor? Regardless, the semi-provocative message got people talking – a lot of people – and that’s the whole point.

Bottom line: we want you to sign up to be an organ donor, talk to your family about it, and SHARE the message. Nothing too provocative there.

Be inspired by Jim’s story. Be a donor. 400friends

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3 Responses to A surprising response

  1. Lisa Leslie says:

    Wow! It always amazes me that people can or will find the negative in almost everything. I try to live my life positively. For example, I am positive that this message of organ donation will be heard by all the right people and Jimmy will get his heart.


  2. Louise Hennessy says:

    I am probably one of the ones whose comment left was considered negative. For that I am truly sorry. Negativity was not my intention.

    The written word has no tone. The reader absorbs the tone they choose. I read into the choice of words a less than positive spin and that got in the way of the message of the post which was to encourage the discussion of organ donation. Sometimes the choice of words makes all the difference. Again I sincerely apologize if my words were offensive .

    Organ donation is super important. We must all share our thoughts with our loved ones as in the end it is their decision what happens. I hope a suitable donation is found for you.


    • jimshearts says:

      Well said Louise – I think any discussion is good discussion. You are quite right about words – they must be chosen carefully. We appreciate you taking the time to comment here.


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