Just Imagine

Imagine ascending to the peak of the highest mountain after a treacherous climb filled with setbacks, danger and unforeseen obstacles. Imagine your elation at finally stepping foot on the summit, surveying the path you took and reflecting on the grit, tenacity and support from your climbing team that got you there. Imagine now that as you survey the beauty from your majestic perch, that the clouds clear and you see the steep incline of the path toward the next peak – the climb you must still make to reach the summit. Imagine.

Our Jim has already climbed his first mountain – a successful heart transplant, the path to which was filled with so many obstacles, uncertainty and fear. As with too many transplant recipients, Jim has found that after more than five years, the clouds have cleared and the arduous journey toward a second, much-needed heart transplant is upon him.

Jim will not be climbing this next mountain alone. His unfailingly strong wife Marah is at his side together with their whole family. A full community of supporters are behind him as the next journey is contemplated. But this is not what will get Jim to the summit again – it will be the selfless gift of life provided by an organ donor and their family.

Giving Jim and the thousands of other Canadians waiting for an organ transplant the hope they need is as easy as signing up to be a donor. We urge you to sign up now and tell your family of your intentions. We ask you to talk about this with your friends and encourage them to do likewise. Be part of the organ donation community supporting Jim and others on their journeys. Just imagine the difference it could make.


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