Trim for Jim: The Story

Jack was only 15 years’ old when Jim first began his journey on the heart transplant list. At the time, the connection was boys’ minor hockey, where Jack played with Jim and Marah’s son Brett. As far as hockey communities go, this one was a tight-knit group with supportive parents, great coaches and an amazing association executive. They pulled together in a big way to support Jim and Marah during the unimaginable trials of waiting for the gift of life. The hockey boys did their part too. As they each turned 16, they automatically signed up to be organ donors. Jack signed up even before he got his driver’s license. The kids didn’t understand that it was even a question – of course they would be donors.

Fast forward almost eight years and the hockey teams have dispersed, hockey parents no longer gather at the rink multiple times a week and the kids are adults. But such were the connections and friendships forged all those years ago, that the sense of community remains. When it became clear that Jim and Marah would be embarking on another unfathomable journey along the organ donation path, that community started asking what they could do.

For Jack, this meant putting an idea long considered into action. About fours year ago, Jack decided that he would see how long he could go without getting a haircut. It wasn’t his intention to rival the Allman Brothers, but the years went by quickly and his hair was now fantastically long. So long, that he knew it would be an event when he finally made the move to chop it off. Despite his grandmother and mother pushing for the haircut, Jack held out for the right time and the right cause and this December’s “A Trim for Jim” was born.

A Trim for Jim was very successful, and many thanks go to those who contributed and made it all possible. Special thanks to Gino from Nick’s Barbershop in Manotick, Ontario for doing the honours! Jim and Marah made an impression on Jack, but also the ever-growing community (worldwide!) of organ donation advocates who follow their story. Jim and Marah will tell you that they are grateful for Jack’s efforts and that they will “pay-it-forward”, but the truth is, the impact they have had in spreading the word about organ donation is absolutely priceless. We are honoured to help in this small way, as Jim and Marah deserve it and more.

A Trim for Jim is complete, but the need for organ donors is never-ending. Sign up to be a donor today.


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