Jim & Charlie

When Marah and Jim decided to include rescue-dog Charlie in their family, some of us wondered if adding another responsibility was a good idea. Now of course, it’s clear that Charlie came along to help with the waiting. When Jim is having a particularly bad night, Charlie finds his way to the pillow next to him, just to make sure he’s alright. When Jim’s feet swell uncomfortably, Charlie is pretty sure that if he lays his head on Jim’s ankles, all will be fine. Though Jim can’t throw the ball more than 3 or 4 times in the backyard before sitting down, Charlie doesn’t mind. He is there by his side. Waiting. Charlie does his fair share of making the entire family smile too. Marah often says this dog rescued them, not the other way around.

Not all the people on the waiting list for an organ donation have a Charlie to help with the waiting. So, be a donor. Be inspired by Jim’s (and Charlie’s) story.

jim and charlie1

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